Ultimate Dog Training Program



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Forge a positive bond with your dog and turn their wild disobedience into polished manners.


  • Obedience & foundation training skills $70
  • Teach your dog to stop pulling the lead mini-course (value $50) FREE Today
  • Puppy training mini-course (value $55) FREE Today
  • Lead training for your new pup mini-course (value $35) FREE Today
  • How to get your pup to accept grooming and vet care (value $40) FREE Today
  • Free-shaping training method for independence (value $20) FREE Today
  • PLUS, 24/7 access to our trainers

Why Choose Puppy Training Course

Local Dog Trainer
Other Online Training
Start seeing results quickly (7 days)
Help with aggressive behavior
Access to trainers on a daily basis
Creates permanent transformations
Doesn’t require hours of training
No scheduling, go at your own pace
Kind, gentle, loving approach

Frequently Asked Questions

What training methods do you use?
Our training methods are reward-based and motivational for both you and your dog.

Yes. Our online programs are tailored to address the needs of dogs of all ages, including obedience and aggressiveness.

Yes, our programs address many common issues but also specific problems such as preparing your dog to be groomed.

Our online programs provide instructional videos and resources for at-home learning. You can watch at your own pace and practice training techniques with your dog.

Our programs are set up in a way that you can adjust based on your schedule and your dog’s needs.

Absolutely. Our instructional videos provide all the information you need with extensive guidance and information to ensure you start on the right paw from day one, setting up foundation life skills.

Yes, our trainers are always available to assist you throughout the whole program.

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