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Online Puppy Obedience and Training Courses

Our online puppy training courses will help you establish the good habits and skills to ensure a well-behaved and adaptable adult dog. Our courses can be used with your puppy from as early as 8 weeks old.

ABT-Plus expert trainers bring their years of experience, offering comprehensive puppy obedience training, as well as behavioural training (including toilet training). With a focus on accessibility, our courses allow you to train your puppy in the comfort of your home, ensuring both you and your canine companion learn at your own pace in their own environment.

Key Features of our Online Puppy Training Courses

  • Experienced Trainers: Benefit from courses led by dog trainers with years of expertise and knowledge.
  • Convenient Learning: Train your puppy at your preferred time in their own environment.
  • Comprehensive Content: Our courses cover essential areas like life skills, toilet training, foundation training, grooming, and dietary needs.
  • Training on repeat: Revisit our training courses as many times as you need, helping you to reinforce key concepts, allowing for repeated practice of each skill.
  • Reduced stress for puppies: Learning in familiar environments reduces stress for puppies, allowing them to focus without distraction or anxiety.
  • Ongoing support: If you experience recurring problems, our trainers are available to help

Our Puppy Obedience Training Program Elements

Forge a positive bond with your puppy with our puppy obedience and training courses covering foundational life skills, grooming and vet care and loose lead walking. Emphasising positive associations, the courses ensure a smooth experience for both you and your pup during grooming and vet care. The ultimate Puppy Training program, comprising of six instructional videos, delves into crucial aspects such as basic obedience, nutrition, troubleshooting common issues, and promoting self-settling. Learn about loose lead walking, with four videos guiding you through foundational tips, skill transfer to diverse environments, and handling distractions.

Who Can Benefit from Our Online Puppy Training Course

Online puppy training courses cater to a diverse audience, benefiting both first-time and experienced puppy owners. First-time owners gain essential skills for nurturing a well-behaved companion, while those with previous puppy experience find valuable resources for refining their training techniques. Our courses accommodate both new and older puppies, addressing specific developmental stages and behavioural needs. Whether it’s instilling foundational skills in a young pup or addressing behavioural challenges in an older one, online training courses offer flexibility and personalised guidance, making them beneficial for a wide range of puppy owners and their canine companions.


Is this course suitable for first-time puppy owners?

Yes, our courses are designed to accommodate first-time puppy owners, providing fundamental training skills and guidance for both you and your puppy.

What training methods are used in the puppy obedience training program?

Our programs emphasise positive reinforcement, using humane and effective methods to encourage desired behaviour.

What if my puppy is older or has behavioural issues?

Our online puppy training courses are tailored to address the needs of puppies of all ages, including those with behavioural challenges.

Can I contact the trainers for additional support during the course?

Yes, our trainers are available for support, ensuring you have the assistance you need throughout the training program.

What age should puppies start puppy classes?

It’s ideal to start training your puppy as early as 8 weeks old. This is a critical period for learning and gradual socialisation with other dogs. Beginning training during this time sets the foundation for a well-behaved and adaptable adult dog.

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