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Online Dog Behaviour Training Courses

We want all dog owners to have a pet they can be proud of! ABT-Plus offers dog behaviour training courses to help you work through problems, with support and guidance offered be our expert trainers along the way. Providing training in an online space gives you the convenience and easy access to work with your dog in their own environment, or in spaces where the problems persist. Including our aggressive dog behaviour training, our courses will help you address bad habits that may have formed over time and help you understand your dog’s body language.

Key Benefits of Online Dog Behaviour Courses

  • Designed and presented by our team of experienced trainers, discover our range of dog behaviour courses online
  • Receive ongoing support to address any challenges you may encounter during your training journey
  • Gain valuable insights into dog behaviour, including how to read your dog’s body language and cues
  • Choose a specific course that helps you with your dog’s problem, or select our full bundle which covers all areas of behaviour
  • Whether at home or your local park, at the vet or in the car, our online courses give you the toolkit to train in a focused and familiar environment, minimising external distractions. This approach enhances concentration and leads to more effective learning outcomes.
  • Embrace the benefits of dog behaviour courses online, providing repeated learning experiences. Feel confident in your training methods with the ability to revisit lessons as often as needed, ensuring correctness and mastery.

Online Courses for Aggressive Dog Behaviour

Our aggressive dog behaviour training is designed to help you combat patterns that may have formed over time or persist in certain environments. Our course consists of lessons that cover understanding the causes of aggression with practical solutions such as muzzles, conditioning your dog to wearing them and ensuring each step is a stress-free experience. Learn effective techniques to resolving reactive behaviours and, ultimately, ensure a safe environment for both you and your dog.


How do online dog behaviour courses work at ABT-Plus?

Our training courses are purchased through the website, either as single courses specific to your dog’s problem, or as a bundle which covers a variety of behavioural issues. Videos are delivered via email immediately. You’ll also have access to our resources online and also to our staff if problems arise.

What behavioural issues are covered in the courses?

A range of behavioural problems and solutions including understanding stress and reading your dog’s body language, addressing aggressive behaviour, helping your dog learn better handling skills and behaviour for vet treatments and grooming and muzzle training techniques.

What training methods are used in the courses?

Our training methods are reward based and motivational for both you and your dog. We do implement a variety of techniques and applications based on catering to individual needs and different response types so we chose to implement and be open to changes to ensure we cater for all types and breeds of dogs.

Are the courses conducted entirely online?

Yes. Our instructional videos and lessons provide all the information you need with extensive guidance and information.

Can I take the courses if my dog is a puppy or an older dog?

Yes, there are a variety of courses available – some specific to puppies, some for both puppies and adult dogs as well the ones suite specifically to adult dogs or dogs with behavioural problems. We have ensured we put in our best efforts to cover all needs, breeds, types and ages.

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